We were only allowed one bucket a day

“It was very difficult for me. Where we stay, we were allowed one bucket of water a day. The tap was only open from around 4 to 4:30 each morning. So, I had 10 litres of water each day for me and my kid. 

We are four people in our house that could each get one bucket of water. Others had to share it with family members too, for cooking and washing, and everything. We were told that if we bath, we must bath in a big basin, keep the water, and then use this to flush the toilet. Most of use bought water to drink. That started last year in July, and it only stopped in August this year. Now I still use less than 10 litres a day. I bath my child every two days. The other days my kid just washes his face before school.

This drought taught me to save water. Everybody should do it, because if we can save water now, we will have water for a long time. We need water for everything we do. Water is life.”

Stories of drought from Cape Town

*Aggie is from Cape Town, and one of the many residents that are sharing their stories or life during the city’s recent water crisis. 

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