Andri from Cape Town.

I used to judge people that did not flush the toilet

“I used to judge people if they did not flush the toilet, now I judge them if they flush after only one pee. I think it’s crazy how much water we flush down the toilet. 

I’ve been staying in Cape Town since 2016. I moved here for work. When we stared Day Zero in the face, I had to consider where I would go. I thought I would maybe move back to my parents in Pretoria, and then look for work in Joburg.

Since the drought we cannot drink water from the taps at work anymore, because they were switched off during the drought, and the pipes rusted. We now boil water from the spring for coffee. The drought also affected my political views. The drought turned me against the DA. Now that it has rained people are still suffering. People are paying more, but for whose shiny black care are we paying now?”

Why you should save water too

“People have to save water because even if they do not have shortages now, they will. We do not have a system in place in South Africa to provide for this.

Water is a source of life. We cannot take it for granted.”

Andri’s tips to save water 

“Catch your shower water with a bucket, and use this to flush the toilet. Leave your dishes until you have a full basin to wash. When I clean my flat, I fill a bucket with soapy water, and use this to first wash the surfaces, before I use the water to wash the floor.”

  • Andri, from Cape Town, South Africa

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*I’m currently writing from Cape Town! Read more about this thirsty city, here

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