Levison Zoromedza from Cape Town

Sometimes you have to go through a crisis

“I am from Zimbabwe, but I left because of the economic situation. I came to Cape Town for greener pastures. I’ve been here for eight years, and stay in an apartment in a block of flats in Goodwood with my wife and two children.

Sometimes you have to go through a crisis to learn. The drought taught us a lot. I have learned that water is very precious. And, now it is getting expensive, so we are still saving. Previously, you would see a tap running and it was no problem. Now, if you see that, you phone the city council.

The drought really affected our business because there were less tourists. We had the worst Christmas ever. Things were not happening. Still, I think the city did it right. At school, my four year old was taught exactly what was going on. We were informed of the situation at every corner. So every time you open a tap, you think about it.

I’d say I currently use 35 to 40 litres of water a day. As a family we use about 80 litres of water per day. We don’t use the shower, because it was disconnected during the drought to save water, so we use about 7 litres of that to bath.”

Why you should save water too

“Water is a thing for which there is no alternative. If there is no bread, you can buy a biscuit. If it is too sunny, you can stand in the shade. But water is a precious thing that is irreplaceable. Everybody must save as much as possible.”

Levison’s tips to save water 

“To save water, take less time for your shower. When brushing your teeth, use a cup; it’s enough. Don’t let the water run down the drain. Use hand sanitizer when you use the toilet instead of washing your hands. Instead of flushing every time, use disinfectant to diminish the smell.”

– Levison, from Cape Town, South Africa

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