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Once water becomes scarce, the world can feel like a lonely place but, you are not alone. Across the planet, people in cities are waking up to the reality that water is a scarce and very valuable resource.

Cities that have been listed in international media as facing extreme water shortfalls in future include Tokyo (Japan), São Paulo (Brazil), Bangalore (India), Beijing (China), Cairo (Egypt), Jakarta (Indonesia), Moscow (Russia), Istanbul (Turkey), Mexico City (Mexico), London (United Kingdom) and Miami (United States), to name a few.

Some – Cape Town, São Paulo, Brisbane, San Francisco – for example, have all stared futures with precious little water in the face, and emerged stronger to tell the tales.

This project is still in the very beginning phases, and cities will be updated as they are visited. In the meantime, you can read about Cape Town, São Paulo and San Francisco in the first blog posts.

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