In the bathroom

Tips to save water at the toilet

  • If you have it, use your dual flush properly. The smaller button produces a little flush, suitable for pee. The big button is for a big flush, to flush bigger things
  • Don’t flush after every pee. Hygiene is key, so you’re going to have to make a judgement call here, but if its yellow, its okay to let it mellow
  • Put full, glass bottles in your cistern
  • Don’t flush the entire cistern if not necessary (if you do not have a dual flush)
  • Lower the cistern water level if possible

Tips to save water at the sink

  • Use a cup of water to brush your teeth, instead of running the tap
  • Bring the old fashioned shaving mug back and clean your razor with just a cup of water each time
  • Toothpaste works better when its dry – you can only rinse at the end

Tips to save water in the shower

  • use water-efficient showerheads and aerators
  • Time your showers and keep it short. In the shower, every minute counts. Try and stick to two to four minutes.
  • Use the running water to soak and rinse. Close the taps while you wash. This also counts for brushing your teeth or shaving in the shower.
  • Catch the cold water that would have run down the drain while you are waiting for the water to heat up.

Shower songs

Free shower songs to help save water in your home