Water wise gardening

The garden is one of my favourite places to aim for, and it really is a great place to make your mark on the planet. If you’re lucky enough to have a space to do this, why not try and do it right?

If you want to save water in the garden, I wrote an overview of how to do that, but it’s a topic many gardeners, and others, have written about.

Ten top tips for a water wise garden

For me, one of the best things about gardening is that you can create a wildlife garden. choices you can make for your garden. You can create is litte haven for all kinds of biodiversity right in your backyard.

Interested? These sites are full of great information to get you started.

Indigenous and wildlife gardening

  • The Wildlife Garden Project (UK based): Run by a team of volunteers with a shared love of wildlife, this site is chockablock with info and inspiration to help you create your own little wildlife haven right on your doorstep. Learn how to attract animals, and which plants and flowers to choose. I love the video section too. Want to build a bug hotel, or an egg box bird feeder? They will show you how.
  • The Indigenous Gardener: I recently came upon this fantastic site. It’s run by Anno Torr. According to the site she is Vice Chairman of the Coastal Branch of the Botanical Society of South Africa, and sits on the Plant Fair Committee for this BotSoc branch. Someone you want to learn from and, man, does she deliver. Described as the only 100% indigenous web magazine for gardeners in South Africa, the site is a gem. You can select the region that you are in, and the site will provide you with lists of indigenous plants. You can even select different options like whether you have situations like shade or sun to work with, rainfall regions, seasons and much, much more. If you love your garden (and you’re in South Africa) you will love this site.

Want more?

  • Great info from Rand Water in Johannesburg right here. It’s all about water wise garden design, water features, making compost, harvesting water from your pavement, creating an ecosystem in your garden…I love it!
  • This is a great guide on water wise gardening specific to San Francisco, but the bulk of the information is relevant to water savvy gardeners (or, potential ones) too. Have a look!
  • I like these comprehensive water saving tips for your garden from Queensland’s Department of Energy and Water Supply too.

More water saving tips for around the yard

  • Wash your car on the lawn. This way you can water the lawn too, and prevent the run-off from going to the stormwater system. Great tip, right? But recently I found the following in the New York Times tips for Smarter Living:
  • Go to the carwash, though it might seem like a waster-wasting extravagance. The reason? “Carwashes use less water and help prevent pollution: At home, oil, engine fluids, phosphates and chlorides from the soap can run into storm drains and onto rivers and lakes. Many carwashes recycle their water, and they’re supposed to send it to a wastewater treatment plant when the water can no longer be used. ” I reckon it depends on where you live, and how regulated the carwashes in your neighbourhood are. Give them a ring to find out first.

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