Eat right

Water is almost everywhere, even when you can’t see it. Water is necessary to create and produce most things we use and consume every day – from electricity, to the glass we drink the water from, the tree that was grown to make the door that we open in the morning to start our day, our toothbrushes….all of it.

More than the the water that we drink, and that we use to live life every day, is the water contained in what we eat. Choosing what to eat, can save more water than all of the things we do to save water in the house combined.

To really save water, you have to eat right – this is why.

Follow these two diet tips to save water, the planet and yourself. Sustainable eating is easier than you think!

More tips will be added here as I learn, but if you have any to share in the meantime – do! Send your tips to

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