Use your greywater

The tips are from the guidelines for greywater use in South Africa written by researchers from the Future Water Research Institute at the University of Cape Town (UCT), and the Division of Community Health at Stellenbosch University. It’s specifically written for people that have to use untreated greywater, and has been taken from this blog that I wrote about the guidelines.

  1. Avoid human contact with greywater, or soil watered with greywater. Children and pets should be kept away from areas that are watered with greywater.
  2. Water that comes into contact with a toilet, urinal or a toilet fixture such as a bidet should never be used as greywater.
  3. Water that has been used to wash nappies or other clothing soiled with faeces and/or urine should not be used.
  4. Water generated by cleaning in the laundry or bathroom, or when using hair dyes or other chemicals should not be used.
  5. Water from the kitchen sink or used in the kitchen to wash dishes or food should not be used.
  6. Greywater generated by washing clothes / brushes used for painting or for maintaining machinery and vehicles should not be used.
  7. Greywater should not be used if anybody living in the premises is suffering from diarrhea, ear or skin infections.
  8. Water used to wash animals, such as domestic pets, should not be used.
  9. ‘Low risk’ greywater, such as warm-up water from hot taps, rinse water, bath or shower water is preferable.
  10. Untreated greywater should not be stored for longer than 24 hours (otherwise it should be treated).
  11. Use signs to indicate greywater reuse, and label all pipes.
  12. Ensure that hands are properly washed after contact with any form of greywater and reuse system.
  1. Drinking or cooking
  2. Irrigating any food eaten raw or minimally processed (leafy vegetables and root vegetables)
  3. Washing of pavements, especially when water drains into the stormwater systems
  4. Irrigating gardens during or immediately after rainfall
  5. Irrigating areas in gardens where children play, like lawns

*My Pinterest board has many more ideas on greywater use systems

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