A water wise house

Saving water is everybody’s business, and there are endless ways that you can be more water savvy in one of the places where it matters most: home.

Browse around for tips to save water in the bathroom (including free shower songs!) the kitchen and while doing laundry.

Want to use your greywater? There are tips for that too.

To get you going, this is how I save water in my home, but this place is all about sharing ideas. Let me know (at petro@50liters.com) if you have any tips to share. I’ll add it to the list.

Inspirational quote to save water

Here are some more water saving tips from around the web:

  • California knows extreme drought very well. We’ve written about exactly how they save water in San Francisco before. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has some water conservation tips to share (including a handy Home Water Conservation Checklist to download).
  • They also have a guide for identifying common household leaks. Most helpful if you live in San Fran, the guide also gives handy advice for identifying leaks in the kitchen, the bathroom and outside.
  • On the topic of leaks, Rand Water in South Africa has a page full of info on how to identify leaks – at meters and mains, taps, toilets and your garden irrigation system. Check it out.
  • Open the door to a water wise house – great interactive graphic from Rand Water to guide you towards a water savvy house one floor (or room) at a time. Look around here for heaps of handy info all things water related.
  • WHOA!! 100+ ways to conserve water from the “Water – use it wisely” campaign.
  • No page like this would be complete without some input from Australia and boy, do they come to the party. Have a look at this list of 101 ways to save water at home, which includes some ideas that have not been mentioned on the other pages.

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